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  • What is the monthly assessment and what does it cover?
    Currently, the assessment is $266.00 per month and covers water/sewer, all landscaping, pest control for building exteriors, operation of front gate, heated pool, exterior/perimeter lighting, exterior maintenance on all residential buildings including roofs, snow removal from streets and driveways, insurance on common areas and exterior of residential units, and clubhouse and pool maintenance.  Additionally, a set amount is deposited into the Reserve Fund for future maintenance/repair/replacement of common areas.  For the year 2018, the reserve contribution is $3,000.00 per month.
  • How is Skyland Falls governed?
    Our governing documents include a Master Deed, Bylaws, Strategic Plan, and Community Policies and Procedures.  A seven-member Board of Directors is elected by eligible homeowners at an annual meeting held in October.  The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the affairs of the Association, including setting a budget, approving expenditures and setting policy for the community.  Members of the Board are elected each year in a rotating pattern, and term of office is three years.  Any member may choose to be elected for another term.
    All Board meetings (unless designated "closed"), are open to residents/owners who may bring concerns directly to the Board at any time.
  • Where is Skyland Falls located?
    We are conveniently located within the city limits of Kingsport, but on the outskirts with a mountain view from many of our homes.  It is less than a 15-minute drive to local hospitals, many churches, downtown Kingsport, Farmers' Market, YMCA and Aquatic Center, Senior center, Walmart, Fort Henry Drive shopping mall, grocery stores, Warriors Path State Park, 8-mile Greenbelt walking/biking trail, and Interstates I-26 and I-81.  Fire and rescue are within 1/2 mile.
  • How are residents involved in the community?
    Volunteers do many things to assist in the day-to-day operation of the community.  A Strategic Plan was developed in 2013 naming chairpersons for areas, complete with job descriptions and assignments.  The plan also sets a mission and goals for Skyland Falls.  We are grateful for the many residents who take their responsibility seriously and assist with their time and talents to keep our community safe, comfortable, and a desirable place to live.
  • Are there planned social activities for the community?
    We have a monthly Bingo night, weekly free instruction in knitting and crocheting, weekly game day, occasional potluck dinners or brunches, planned trips to Barter Theater or some other event in a nearby community.  Suggestions for community outings are welcome!
  • Are pets allowed?
    Yes.  No more than two (2) household domestic pets with a maximum combined weight of eighty (80) pounds, not bred or maintained for commercial purposes, may be kept in one home.  Service animals are exempt from the weight restriction.  Due to insurance regulations, dogs of the following breeds are not allowed:  Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher, and Pit Bull.  Pet owner responsibilities are listed in Section 11 of the Skyland Falls Policies and Procedures.
  • What are "common areas"?
    Common areas or common elements are those areas of our community owned and maintained by the Association.  General Common Elements includes the land, foundations, exterior and party walls, roofs, perimeter fence, entrances and exits, driveways and streets, yards and gardens.  Limited Common Elements are those portions of the common elements reserved for or reasonably meant for use of a certain Unit or Units, and include patio areas, patio gates and fences, flower beds, and sidewalks of each Unit.


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